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Gion Festival Tour report

July 16, 2014

This year, with the collaboration of Tomoe Sawano, heritage walker, we had prepared two Gion Matsuri walking tours, on 7/12 and 7/15. 
On 7/12, we started with having a close look at 6 hoko floats. Sawano-san told us about their history and particularities and we saw different stages of float assembling.
Kanko-boko float was being decorated with its tapestries :  

At the beginning of the tour, Tsuki-hoko was still at the nawa-garami phase (securing the wooden float base with ropes) :
Hoka-boko was arranging its upper part :
After that, we were lucky to watch how the float was put to the vertical position :
That day, Sawano-san was so kind to let us enter her father’s Sawano Dogen Restoration Studio.
Kannon Bodhisattva statue and its lotus-shaped pedestal : The hat which will be used by one of the pullers of Minami-Kannon-yama during the Ato-matsuri parade on July 24th :
We finished our tour by participating in the trial pulling of Tsuki-hoko float.
It was a great experience for us all, to learn more about the Gion festival and to feel its atmosphere.