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Copenhagen architecture wanderings

January 1, 2018

So it’s already 2018.. Happy New Year to you all! May this year bring you only joy, love and happiness. To me, 2017 brought a possibility to visit new places I was curious about for a long time, and Copenhagen was one of them.

I’m preparing a series of 4 posts about my trip to Copenhagen, and I decided to start with my first impressions of this city of bicycles, red-brick and coloured buildings, paved streets and retro street lights.. Won’t keep it secret that I loved it and already dreaming about returning to it someday during warmer seasons when sun stays up longer and chilly wind doesn’t try to rip your ears off.

Couldn’t get enough of these retro-looking hanging streetlights! Apparently, a lot of them have been replaced recently and used lamps were auctioned for interior design needs.. Would definitely love to put my hands on one of these one day!

I think it’s my first time seeing wolf-head gargoyles..

Beautiful shapes of the old Palm House in the Botanical Garden.

This house is just one of numerous research facilities on the Botanical Garden grounds, but it looked so wonderfully spooky that I wouldn’t dare to approach it at nightfall.

Even on a not so sunny day, Copenhagen doesn’t lose its charm..

Rosenborg Castle was already closed when I stumbled on it, but it’s on my must-see list for the next time.

The colour palette of these houses looks like a pack of pencils with different shades of primary colours.

Colours of Nyhavn district

View from the Round Tower

Copenhagen enjoyed during the golden hour

Stay tuned for upcoming posts which explore Copenhagen’s art and design scene!