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Gion Matsuri : Yoiyama evening before the Latter Festival parade (Part 1)

July 25, 2014

The evening before the Gion Matsuri parade is called Yoiyama. This year, as the parade was held in two parts, we had chance to enjoy the festival atmosphere twice as long as usual.
These photos were taken on July 23. Float districts were quite crowded, but not as much as on the evening of July 16, just before the Former Festival parade (Saki-matsuri). On this occasion, the float valuable heirlooms (textiles, painted screens, armor) were displayed.
Hashibenkei-yama exposition :

Once this wonderful lacquered bridge-like roof is mounted on the float, it becomes difficult to see. The old tapestry and the figures of Benkei, a monk-warrior, and Ushiwakamaru, his master, were exposed too.
Being fan of every kind of evening lights and lanterns, it felt like a trip to Wonderland for me..
We didn’t miss the opportunity to take a look at the Koi-yama preservation house and the float heirlooms. In fact, it opens only once a year, during the Yoiyama exposition.
Beautiful lanterns!
And here is the symbol of Koi-yama, wooden carp made in the 17th century :

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