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Celebrating Japan – Denmark 150 years with Design Collaborations by Lars Vejen

November 16, 2017

2017 marks 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark. To celebrate this anniversary, Danish architect and designer Lars Vejen has designed new series of products in collaboration with selected Danish and Japanese craftsmen.

Lars Vejen believes in the power of design to reunite talented people of different creative fields. Besides individual product planning and design, he undertakes diverse collaboration projects across various industries and countries. Japan is especially dear to his heart : he was offered an internship at a company in Kyoto in 1995, and has visited the country every year ever since. Japanese exquisite craftsmanship has inspired him to design new products, and his ideas took shape in skillful hands of Japanese and Danish artisans.

You are welcome to visit the exhibition Design Collaborations by Lars Vejen / Celebrating Japan – Denmark 150 years if you are in Kyoto until 3 Dec 2017 or Copenhagen from 7 December 2017 to 11 February 2018.

Let’s visit the gallery of Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts FUREAIKAN where the exhibition is currently on display.

The STICK lantern manufactured by Kobishiya Chube is an example of fusion of traditional Japanese techniques and innovative design challenges. Made by a traditional paper lantern maker, it brings Kyoto handicraft heritage to the modern design scene.

Image credit : Tomomi Takano

Image credit : Tomomi Takano

ENSO lamp by Kohseki celebrates the harmony between Japanese craftsmanship and Danish design.
Image credit : Dejan Alankhan

STOOLBOX by Washitaka is a multifunctional piece of furniture : it can be used as a toolbox, bookshelf, side table and stool.

Image credit : Tomomi Takano

Zabuton set and Furoshiki MOKUWASHI cover by Iwata is perfect for your guest bedding.
Image credit : Naoki Miyashita

This beautiful flower vase with an innovative modular design was made by Asada Kawara Factory, a maker of traditional Kyoto roof tiles.

COOL CARAFE series, a fascinating result of a collaboration between Stenholt Glass, a Danish-based glassblower, and Nishimura Stone Lantern. If the stone base is chilled, the carafe can serve as a wine or water cooler.

SAIBI tray series by Gato Mikio explores functional appeal of trays with slight but transformative changes in their shapes.

Wooden boxes by Kazuki Hanafusa made of high-quality cedarwood bring out some simple yet unique details in surface, colour and pattern.

PAPER BOXES, other wonderful products by Kazuki Hanafusa, are patiently handcrafted with extreme precision : multiple layers of paper are glued together one by one.

CUT bag series by Leather by Hand, SAIBI tea canisters by Seikado and FUROSHIKI wool covers by Nikolai Bisgaard.

Every piece of ASA ceramic series made by Satoshi Masuda bears tactile striped patterns.

SAIBI set of cups and pitcher by Seikado, a pewterer founded in Kyoto in 1838.

SAIBI wood and tin cup series brings together the work of Seikado and Gato Mikio.

Gato Mikio masters not only the techniques of wood turning, but also those of lacquerware.

BOND lounge chair celebrates the fundamental values of Mogens Hansen : sustainability, design and high Danish quality.

HOYO lounge chair with graphically simple design for both private and commercial use (manufactured by JENSENplus) and FRAMED door, a collaboration between Vahle and Dinesen.

A modern door handle by Randi-Line® NORDIC with its insert of birch tree bark is warm and soft to touch.

The exposition DESIGN COLLABORATIONS / Japan – Denmark 150 years is open at the gallery of Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts FUREAIKAN until 3rd December 2017 (every day from 9:00 to 17:00, admission is free) and at Gallery A. Petersen Collection & Crafts in Copenhagen from 7 December 2017 to 11 February 2018.

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    Lars Vejen

    November 17, 2017

    Dear Arigato Kyoto!

    Thank you for the wonderful images and words on your page about my current exhibition at Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts / Fureaikan! I have enjoyed so much creating this project and collaborating with craftsmen in both Japan and Denmark. Also a big thank you to the amazing staff at both Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts and to the Gallery A. Petersen Collection & Craft in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the exhibition will open after ending in Kyoto. You have all been amazing!

    With my very best wishes,
    Lars Vejen / /

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      November 19, 2017

      Thank you Lars for your kind comment! It’s a pleasure to work with you.