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Kisen-koubou x Cafe green door

November 25, 2014
In a small back street situated to the south from Higashiyama subway station, there exist a small charming shop called Kisen-koubou. Established by the family specializing in ceramics and tenugui (traditional hand towels), the shop has this particular atmosphere you can find only in Kyoto private-owned houses.
The current display is fully dedicated to the original tenugui :
On the 1st November 2014, the owner also opened Cafe green door to serve organic food and drinks.
I opted for a set of pumpkin soup and pita sandwich with smoked chicken. It was really tasty and very healthy.
If you’re tired after walking around Okazaki park and you wish to pause and have a bite to eat before continuing down to the Higashiyama or Gion area, it’s a perfect place to stop by.

Shop information :
Address : 448 Hachiken-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
京都市東山区三条通 南裏白川筋西入ル 二丁目八軒町448
Business hours : 11:00~17:00
Website (in Japanese) :