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“DIALOGUE”, a Kyoto crafts exhibition in an unusual setting

March 30, 2018

Kyoto Crafts Exhibition “DIALOGUE” was held at Hotel Kanra during the week-end of 17th and 18 March 2018. Set up under the theme of travel and crafts, it explored new possibilities of enjoying the crafts and invited to engage in dialogue with creators.

It was my first time entering the guest rooms of Hotel Kanra, and I was pleasantly surprised by their Japanese-style interior design and by the unusual ways of displaying craftworks in it. A real feast for craft lover’s eyes! I spent more than 3 hours wandering around the hotel, marvelling at craftworks, saying hello to the craftsmen I know and meeting new creative artisans. It was the richest craft exhibition I’ve seen so far in Kyoto, I hope it will come back next year!

Washi paper boxes by Hatano Wataru

Wall art panels by Rakugei

Beautiful yuzen-dyed kimono by Ikeuchi Yuzen

Accessories painted using Kyoto yuzen dyeing technique by SOMEA

Breathtaking lacquer art panels by URUS.

Yuzen-painted bangles by Masashige Uenaka

An array of wooden goodness by Kyoto Woodworking Youth Association

Colourful Cochin ware by Shinichi Takashima