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Kyoyamato, kaiseki restaurant (1)

August 22, 2014

Kyoyamato is a traditional Japanese kaiseki restaurant established in 1951. It’s located in Higashiyama area, near Kodai-ji temple and to the East from Ninen-zaka street. Both are always crowded touristic attractions, but when you enter the restaurant main gate, all the hustle is suddenly left behind.

Within the site, there remain old gardens and tea rooms.
Path leading to the restaurant and the entrance :

We were guided through the building to have a look at the rooms. First room we visited offer a panorama view over Kyoto and Yasaka pagoda :
For me, who is interested in Japanese lacquerware, it was a pleasant surprise to discover an old lacquered sliding door with an inscription in raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) :
The room has space for maiko & geiko performances too :
On the way to another room..
The Momiji room. It’s perfect for enjoying the sight of fresh green leaves in spring and bright colours in autumn.
Another private room :
I had the impression that the building corridors were stretched by magic :

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