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Kyoyamato, kaiseki restaurant (2)

September 9, 2014
Continuing our visit to Kyoyamato restaurant, we are entering now the biggest room, which is principally used for marriage parties :
The whole atmosphere of the building is somewhat retro-nostalgic. Before parting, I suddenly thought that I’d love to have an opportunity to have some more time here alone and to explore all it’s hidden passages at a slow pace.

It seems that this wisteria tree is 150-year-old : And here is the perfect place for summer parties, with the view over Yasaka pagoda, one of Kyoto symbols. One more place for summer cocktail parties :
And this building must have even better panoramic view over the city :

I didn’t have a chance to taste Kyoyamato cuisine yet, but the restaurant’s precincts themselves are worth visiting.

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