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Spring in Kyoto

April 27, 2015
 IMG_20150417_183208-EFFECTSTime goes by so fast! Not so long ago I wished you a happy new year, and it’s already April (almost May)! Sorry to have kept you waiting..

Spring was strange this year in Kyoto, unusually cold and rainy. Unfortunately, it was raining on my days off, so I was able to snap only a few sakura photos on my way to work or back, like this one of yaezakura (multi-layered cherry blossoms) near the small temple of Yasaka Koshin-do :

IMG_20150417_085432..or this one of the Philosopher’s Path’s delicate snow-white blossoms just before the rain started :
IMG_20150404_162204..or this one of the must-see spot during the hanami season, the famous weeping cherry tree of Maruyama park :




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  1. Takumi Kimura

    April 27, 2015

    That yozakura picture is beautiful! Great job Natchan ^_^

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