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Trip to Amanohashidate

August 11, 2014
Last week, I went to Amanohashidate as a tour assistant. I was a little bit worried about the weather – when our bus was running through the hills of Tango region, sky became clouded – but we were lucky. Every time we went sightseeing, rain stopped ^^

On our way to the sandbar, we passed through the grounds of Chion-ji temple to buy local fan-shaped omikuji (fortune-telling paper).

On the sandbar, people were swimming and having fun. This sight gave me the feeling that I was on holidays, too.
As we didn’t have much time, we turned back after greeting the local god at Amanohashidate-jinja.
Our next stop was 2 shrines situated North of the sandbar.
The guardian dragon of Manai-jinja, well-known for “Manai-no-mizu”, the sacred water :
The precincts of Motoise Kono-jinja, which enshrined once Amaterasu (the Goddess of the Sun) before she was moved to Ise shrine :
The turtle of Yamato no Sukune, the first head priest of this shrine :
Finally, we boarded a sightseeing boat to have a look at the funeya of Ine Bay, houses built on the water edge.
The trip was nice and refreshing. It’s a pity there is no sea in Kyoto, as I would like to see it every day ^^
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  1. Takumi Kimura

    August 14, 2014

    That's a beautiful small village. And hone senbei looks yummy 🙂

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